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The description of Pro Photo Editor Photoshop 3.1.2 Apk 免費版下載

Pro Photo Editor Photoshop, an excellent photography app. With this app, you can take your picture just like pro camera Canon or Nikon. The color of the photo taken by this app is magnificent. With this Pro Photo Editor Photoshop app, you can take photo anytime without having a pro camera like Canon or Nikon.

If you love travel, fashion or food, you will love taking photo. Having a pro camera is great to have all those great photo with great quality. But maybe quite expensive and difficult to use. So this is a solution for you to solve the problem. You can take high quality photo anywhere and anytime.

With this app, you can retouch edit, photoshop photo like a pro. Pro Photo Editor Photoshop provide you many great tools and filter to fit your style. You can edit your photo the way you like. Many filter and photo frame and border are for your to design. You can adjust the RGB color with visual histogram, blur the background or blend the color.

You can remove the unwanted in your photo, blur to make your photo outstanding, add more overlays. But one of the great thing is the skin retouch. You can makeup with this app by using the beauty makeup tool. You will have bright smooth skin. Your face will look brighter than ever with just using this app. Travel or fashion photo can be done with this app to make them look professional. Add bokeh or something in the background to make them great. Let edit the way you want to make your photo great just by using Pro Photo Editor Photoshop

- Taken photo like pro camera Canon and Nikon
- Edit photo like photoshop
- Adjust the tone: brightness, darkness, contrast…
- Quick white balance
- Remove unwanted part in your photo
- Blur background, bokeh
- Auto makeup tool with smooth and white skin. Make your face look more pretty
- Blender tool to blend the color to the style you want
- Choose preset filter to fit your style with thousand of filter
- Overlays to make photo more gorgeous
- Upload instantly to social so anyone can see your artwork

With many great features of this app, this will be one of your best choice for a great photography app. A one-stop shop for any photo to make pro image like taken from pro Camera Canon or Nikon. Thank you for using Pro Photo Editor Photoshop

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