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Nena Doll is a game for girls (children and adults) to care for and wear. It's like a virtual pet Pou style, or Moy another genre, but it's a girl instead of a cocozinho.

Take care of a friendly virtual doll. Navigating through various environments, the user must take care of her, feeding her and meeting their needs, leaving it always happy. If dirty bathe in it, if you are ill give him medicine.

Also can customize their appearance, changing clothes and hair.

The interaction can be done by tapping the screen or through voice recognition. You can, for example, to send her to sleep just giving a voice command.

Then see how.

To change the setting use the arrows on the screen to the left or right or by using voice recognition. For this two rings on the screen to activate the feature.

In the first environment, the "TV Room". There the user, rather than the doll, you can enjoy watching cool videos on the internet.

In "Reading Room", there is a shelf with a tablet. Drag and drop it on the virtual doll and see how she will react according to the images on the screen.

The third room is the "kitchen". To feed the doll must drag and drop the food on it. To change your food touch the icon and see the available options and quantities in stock. Tap on a food to select it. If you need, buy more using their currencies.

The following environment is the "bathroom". To bathe the Nena use the soap, dragging him about it. Then use the dryer, dragging on the doll until she got the message that appears dry.

The fifth room is the "Infirmary". That's where the doll should be treated. Check the health of the doll through the status bar at the top of the screen. If it's low drag pill or injection on Nena. You can also put a bandage and take a potion if she is tired and low energy.

The next room is the bedroom. See the energy level of the doll through the bar at the top. If you want to relax put on some music playing on the radio and choosing a song from the device library.
The seventh room is the "Closet". For now there is no way to choose clothes separately, but when you touch the wardrobe, the doll gets a new look.

The eighth room is where you can change the doll's hair. Touch the mirror to view the list of options.

The ninth environment is where the doll has the chance to live one day turning celebrity magazine cover. Every time you enter the room a layer of random magazine is loaded. To change the cover touch on it. When you want to touch the camera to take the photo.

And there's the garden. When the tap room at the door to leave. Outside the cloud drag on the flowers. Volar to touch inside the home.

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1. LATEST. Nena - Virtual Girl 1.8.4 APK (2016-07-25, 8.577.752 bytes)

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4. Nena Doll - Boneca Virtual 1.7.9 APK (2014-10-06, 10.947.182 bytes)