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The description of Max Vibrometer 1.0.4.AF Apk 免費版下載

It is Vibrometer Application using acceleration sensor on device.

Main Function.

1. x-y plane graph and time graph mode.
2. Auto Scaling mode.
3. Origin reset, Hold and more.


1. Put your Device on a flat and horizontal surface.
2. Click Max Vibrometer icon for starting application.
3. Click Scale button for changing graph scale.
4. Click Origin button for resetting sensor origin.
5. Click Hold button to hold the graph.
6. Click Clear button to erase all graph data and re-draw.

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What's new

-Update API Ver. 4.1
- Selectable design themes of the protractor.
- Improved graph drawing speed.
- Fix low visibility button text color if device API is lower than API Ver. 3.0.


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Versions history:

1. LATEST. Max Vibrometer 1.0.4.AF APK (2016-08-21, 1.939.665 bytes)

2. Max Vibrometer 1.0.2.A APK (2012-08-16, 293.857 bytes)