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If you like fairy tales, you must play this awesome fairy princess dress up game. The High school universe is a place where all ghouls and students connect with each other and form a loving community. All students here have a goal of making each and every student feel welcomed. Our dress up game features the beautiful Gina..Have you met her? The gorgeous dragonborn princess just transferred to Corona High from the far East. Once arrived Gina can't help but notice how different the fashion style at high school is from hers and doesn't seem to fit in with the rest. All she wants it to make some friends. One day she sees an empty seat in the cafeteria at Jennifer's and the rest of the girl's table but doesn't dare to sit down seeing all the girls are dressed really stylish so she decides it's time to go on a shopping spree. She invites you to join her and give her some fashion advices on what to buy. Help Gina find a perfect outfit that will be creative, original yet stylish. Pick some clothes that will give her the confidence and the attitude she needs to make some friends. She is living the best years of her life so don't let her waste them wandering the school halls alone.

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